How to choose a Transport company in Israel

the right way to choose an Israeli transport company

Hey there fellow adventurers, If you're planning a vacation in Israel and want to avoid any bumpy rides, it's necessary to cherry-pick a trustworthy transport company.

Planning a vacation to Israel and looking for a smooth ride? 

In the following lines of the article we will give you some tips and advice that will help you find a Airport Transfer company that will not make you feel like you are on a roller coaster – Because you deserve an hassle-free experience.

Israel is an amazing tourist destination and because of that many tourists from around the world want to travel there.

In 2022, 10 million tourists from all over the world entered the gates of Ben Gurion Airport, and the hotels in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and Haifa recorded impressive achievements in terms of room occupancy – 4 million tourist nights. The data of the Central Bureau of Statistics show that the total amount of overnight stays in the hotels increased compared to 2021.

Tourism Minister Katz says that the numbers show an increase in the arrival of tourists to Israel, this achievement leads to the prosperity of the tourism industry and the strengthening of the economy in Israel. In addition, the Minister of Tourism intends to pass a budget in favor of establishing infrastructures and speeding up marketing operations in new ways. Also, the Minister of Tourism calls on tourists from all over the world to come and travel in our beautiful country.

find the perfect Airport transfer company

So what is important to know when you want to choose a company that provides ground transportation services and transfers to/from Ben Gurion Airport?

check of the company’s reputation: well well, aren’t we feeling fancy today with all these airport transfer options? hold onto your hats Before you make any decisions. you dont want to end up in a questionable vehicle with an even more questionable chauffeur . . Let’s be smart and make sure this airport ride is smooth from start to finish.

How should you check the reputation of a transportation company in Israel?

Check reviews on Google Business: although reviews on the Internet are not always a high-quality and reliable source to know something about a company, but when there are no other options, reviews can indicate a general direction regarding the company.

if I may ask, Do you prefer private transportation or shared transportation?

You prefer direct transportation with a private driver or shared transportation? Each airport transfer company has a selection of different vehicle models.

There are vehicles designed for private travel from the airport, and there is a bus known as a “shuttle” designed for shared travel from the airport. In this article we will refer only to vehicles intended for private travel from the airport.

Yulian VIP transportation company has a wide fleet of vehicles that includes a luxury car, minivan, or minibus. Every vehicle has its advantages and disadvantages. 

According to the passengers, you can choose between a sedan designed for 4 passengers, a minivan for 6 passengers or a minibus for 7 passengers or more.

What is your budget? 

Do you have a limited budget for an airport transfer? You should calculate in advance how much you are willing to spend on transportation on your vacation, a correct calculation will help you find the most suitable transportation company. 

In Israel you can choose between a low cost train ride from the airport and a welcome pickup service which is considered more expensive.

You should know if the transport company operates 24 hours a day

There are many differences between a small transportation company and a large transportation company, a large company has greater resources and the possibility to operate 24 hours a day. I recommend you choose a 24-hour airport transfer service, especially if your flight lands in Israel in the middle of the night.

Contacting the company easily

Once you land at an airport in a foreign country, your ability to communicate with someone is only with the help of the Internet. Because in most airports in the world, as well as in Israel, you can connect to Ben Gurion Airport’s WI-FI, you should choose a transfer service from the airport that allows communication with an app such as WhatsApp.

In conclusion: using the “welcome pickup” service for transfer from Ben Gurion Airport is highly recommended compared to the option of traveling by public transportation. Although private transportation is more expensive, it pays off in the long run for many reasons that become clear to you only later. Public transportation will waste your valuable time and will also burden you with unpleasant chores and tasks that may interfere with the vacation you have planned for so long.

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